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Iltis history

What's the brief history of the Iltis. How about this description.

Born in Germany via Volkwagen, Iltis moved to Canada in its teens to start a new life as Iltis Bombardier.

The Iltis jeep started out in Germany. It was developed by Volkswagen for the military in the 1970's. One of the most interesting facts from this vehicles development was that the drivetrain helped develop the well known Audi Quattro four wheel drive system. Several thousands vehicles were delivered to the Germany army before the Iltis made its big move overseas. Some other countries received Germany produced Iltis jeeps with Argentina being one of the countries.

In the early 80 Volkswagen licensed the production of the Iltis to the Canadian Bombardier company and production of the Iltis in Germany stopped. Although the Germany and Canadian Iltis models are similar there were a few major design between the models. The biggest difference is the front end with a grill cover for the front rad. When you compare the two models it could be said that the Bombardier model is better designed for true military use.

Bombardier produced the Iltis between 1984 and 1986 with over 2,500 Iltis jeep delivered to the Canadian Forces. There are a few different options added to some Iltis vehicles because some were used as ambulances or by the military police.

Besides the Canadian Forces, the Belgium Army also received over 2,000 Bombardier produced Iltis jeeps.