Iltis vehicle info



Thanks for visiting our Iltis information site. We love the Iltis jeep and we have set up this website to help other folks find out information about this vehicle.

Our website is broken down into different sections. We have a history page which details why the Iltis has different names in different countries. In some parts of the world its call the VW 183 or the Volkswagen Iltis. In Canada some folks reference the vehicle as the Bombardier Iltis jeep. No matter what its called in different parts of the world it pretty much did the same type of work.

If you are looking for Iltis parts for your jeep we have a list of some online sources. We also have created a listing of auctions from Ebay that include auctions. In the past we have noticed that plenty of parts are available via online auctions so you can usually find some spare parts via Ebay. You might find something immediately but usually within the month the part you require appears online. Most dealers who are selling parts do use Ebay to sell their inventory of Iltis parts.

Another section of our website features videos and photos from the Iltis and the VW 183 in action. They are taken from various online sources and we are always looking for more resources so please contact us if you know of some more action photos or videos.

Thanks for stopping by our website and keep checking out our posting of vehicles that we have found for sale. Besides the Iltis jeep we will add some military surplus info including surplus military vehicles and surplus military equipment and clothing from Canadian and American surplus Army suppliers.